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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this funding program?

#RisingYouth is a program led by TakingITGlobal to help youth build Canada and develop life skills by giving back to their communities. Created for youth by youth, we are building a program to increase involvement through community service. The program is currently funded to offer grants through March 2021. Our program is funded by the Government of Canada under the Canada Service Corps initiative.

What are the criteria to apply for the funding?

The funding program is available to Canadian citizens, permanent residents or people who have been granted refugee status in Canada. In the context of the program, "youth" refers to individuals who are between the ages of 15 to 30 years old during the year of their participation in the program. Please see our application checklist for full eligibility requirements.

How can I apply for the grant?

You can apply online using our website www.risingyouth.ca by selecting one of the available grants for $250, $750 or $1500. We also have Word or PDF applications online, if you prefer.

Can I apply as an organization?

The program is designed for individuals or a group of youth in Canada with the goal of involving and activating youth through a service initiative. Organizations can support youth-initiated and youth-led projects, but organizations themselves are not eligible to receive funding.

If you are looking for funding as a youth organization, you can apply to the government funding program here.

What is the difference between the grants available?

We have three grant levels available depending on the scope of your project.

$250 – For simple ideas that can be implemented by you and your friends, such as community events of gatherings.

$750 – For bigger ideas that can be implemented with a small group of peers, such as building a community garden or distributing care packages.

$1500 – For projects that involve a larger group of people to drive impact. Projects at this level of funding need a budget and a mentor or community reference to apply.

You can download project examples and requirements to see examples of projects at each level that have been approved. For more inspiration on completed projects and their impact, follow us on Instagram at @risingyouthtig.

When will I receive the grant funding?

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. You'll hear from us within 30 days of applying!

How many grant applications can I submit?

Each individual can only apply once for the program, but you can be involved in multiple group projects.

If you have many different ideas to improve your community and you wish to define and refine your project more specifically, we encourage you to use our Guide to Action to help develop your service project concept. The guide was informed by the experiences of youth leaders around the world as part of research conducted by TakingITGlobal's Co-Founder, Jennifer Corriero, on youth-led action in an international context.

What is a community reference / mentor?

Community references and mentors are trusted individuals who will support and advise on project development throughout planning and implementation. These could be members of your community such as elders, teachers, coaches, members of NGOs or other networks. Essentially, this is someone who can help you plan and connect to maximize your project's impact on your community.

Where is this money coming from?

Our program is funded by the Government of Canada under the Canada Service Corps initiative.

Is this grant money taxable?

No. As grants are only reimbursing you for expenses incurred in conducting your voluntary service activity and none of the funds are being paid to you personally, these grants are not considered taxable income as long as your reporting is completed and receipts for expenses are submitted.

When can I start my project?

Your project must begin within 3 months of your grant approval and should be completed within 5 months of receiving the funding.

What happens after I receive my grant funding?

A mandatory project report is to be submitted within 30 days of completing your project. For your report, you need to submit photos of your project activity and receipts for purchases made.

You can either complete your report online at http://www.tigurl.org/ryreport, or try our easy-to-use mobile app to complete your report along the way!

The mobile app is designed to help you begin your report from the day you receive funds! You can photograph receipts as you spend your grant funding, helping to avoid misplacing them or keeping them until the end of your project. You can also work offline after logging into the app, working on your report even when you aren't connected to the Internet. We can't wait to hear all about your project!

What happens after my project is approved if I’m struggling to complete my grant project?

Our Grants Administration Grantee Support team is able to assist all Grantees with any application related questions and can explore all available options during your project completion and reporting. You can email funding@takingitglobal.org with specific questions you may have.

We recognize these are uncertain times that could lead to feelings of increased anxiety.  

Below are a few personal wellness options to keep members of our community safe and aware of available supports.

If you are in crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department for assistance.

Personal Wellness Supports:

Kids Help Phone: Call 1-800-668-6868 or text 686868

Provides professional counselling, information and referrals and volunteer-led, text-based support to young people in both English and French. 24/7, national support service.

First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line - Call 1-855-242-3310

Offers immediate mental health counselling and crisis intervention to all Indigenous peoples across Canada. 24/7 & toll free, available in English and French. 

Crisis Services Canada - Call 1-833-456-4566

If you are concerned about someone considering suicide and/or yourself looking to speak with a trained professional, this resource is available 24/7 with services in English and French.

Be Safe is a mobile app that aims to help young adults make a decision about seeking help in a crisis.  The Be Safe app is available on the App Store or Google Play. The App allows users to create a digital safety plan, Informs users about mental health and addiction resources in their local community, available in English and French.

Are there any special considerations if my project is aiming to serve a community that I am not part of?

We've created this critical Self-Reflection Guide to help you in this process. You can read it here or watch the video below.

What are some other ways I can get involved?

#RisingYouth is one part of the Canada Service Corps - Canada's new national youth service initiative. You can find other resources to get involved here!

What is your impact model?

Our impact model illustrates a working concept of a sustainable ecosystem where we all play a role of supporting and contributing to the growth of the flower, represented as a blossoming youth, and their ideas for social change through their community service projects. In turn, they enable current and future generations (the seeds) with opportunities to shape a future reflective of their visions and values.

The aim of working together as a coalition is to ensure young people's ideas flourish (represented by the imagery of cross-pollination) and enable the flower to reproduce and inspire another seed with an idea for change. The National Coalition, Impact Partners, and community members ensure that next generation, (the seed) is healthy with strong community foundations (represented by the bed of soil) to repeat the cycle in a way that promotes growth with support from the moon (funds through Rising Youth Community Service Grants) and sunshine (public showcase of projects).

Diagram by TakingITGlobal #RisingYouth Team members Melissa Yaw, Jamal Tekleweld, Kim Boucher-Morin, Aicha Allaoui, Jennifer Corriero, and Michael Furdyk together with artist Nyle Miigizi Johnston.